The importance of having a good Landlord

Information post for tenants

This post is to help all new tenants on there rental journey to give  information that might not have crossed your mind. My job is to make sure that the property you choice to rent is the right one. 

The Importance Of Having A Good Landlord

There are many key benefits for you as a tenant such as;

  • Having a well maintain property.
  • Making sure repairs and maintaince are rectified in a timely mannor.
  • How easy is it to get in touch with your Landlord.

If any of the above is poorly done you will have a dificult and unpleasent tenancy, this is what im trying to help you avoid. 

You as a Tenant should vet your Landlord just like a Landlord vets each and everyone of his tenants.

If i had a dime for how many times a tenants came to me complaining about how poorly there current property is maintained because there Landlord has failed on any of the above I could fill a swimming pool



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